Department of Ophthalmology

Fellowship Program

The University of Toronto currently offers over 20 fellowships in Tertiary care sub-specialty areas. Our Fellowship Training Program is the largest in the country and provides trainees to numerous national and international centres. The program is constantly modified by the Fellowship Committee through the Executive Committee. The Director of the Fellowship Committee, Dr. Asim Ali, is also a member of the Executive Committee. Close co-ordination between the Residency Program and Fellowship Committee remains a priority of this program.


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Faculty, Coordinators, and Locations
Program Director: Dr. Navdeep Nijahawan
Program Coordinator: Kate Papadopoulos

Details about faculty, coordinators and locations are found on the specialty pages.
Fellowship Committee
•    Navdeep Nijahawan (Fellowship Director)
•    Asim Ali (Former Fellowship Director)
•    Catherine Birt
•    Dan DeAngelis
•    John Lloyd (Residency Programme Director)
•    Efrem Mandelcorn
•    Hugh McGowan
•    Allan Slomovic
•    Alaa Alali (Chief Fellow)
•    Reem Alnabulsi (Chief Resident)

License Requirements
For information on license requirements, please see the License Requirement section in the FAQ page located on the sidebar menu.

Fellowship Training application
Application detail can be found here.