Glaucoma - Adult Comprehensive


  • Dr. Graham Trope, Fellowship Co-Director
  • Dr. Yvonne Buys, Fellowship Co-Director

Contact Information

Dr. Graham Trope
Tel: 416-603-5317
Fax: 416-603-5333

Dr. Yvonne Buys
Tel and Fax: 416-603-5682


  • UHN - Toronto Western Hospital

Fellowship Objectives

1.    To expose Fellows to all clinical forms of adult glaucoma and train fellows to manage glaucoma.
2.    To train Fellows in aspects of clinical and basic research.

General Description

To train Glaucoma Specialists for a career in academic Ophthalmology.

Clinical Duties

The fellowship is a clinical and research fellowship. The Fellow will spend 6 months with each of the glaucoma consultants (Drs. Y.M. Buys and G.E. Trope). Approximately 75% of their time will be spent in clinical responsibilities which include all aspects of adult glaucoma care, including clinical glaucoma assessments, laser and surgical procedures. These will all be done under the direct supervision of the consultant.

The Glaucoma Service at the Toronto Western Hospital is one of the largest tertiary glaucoma centres in Canada. Clinical activities include adult patient assessments in addition to significant laser and surgical volumes. Lasers procedures include laser iridotomies, argon/selective laser trabeculoplasties, laser suture lysis, diode cycloablation, cyclocryo therapy and capsulotomies. All glaucoma surgical procedures are done in our day surgery unit and include trabeculectomies with and without antimetabolies, phaco-trabeculectomies, glaucoma drainage devices and revisions of filtration procedures. Surgical experience for the fellow is also provided in conjunction with Dr M Schlenker which includes various MIGS. 

The Fellow is expected to be on premises at a minimum of Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. regardless of clinical activities. The Fellow is expected to be available for weekend clinical evaluations of post-operative cases or any complicated glaucoma patients. All time not occupied by patient responsibilities must be used to further academic pursuits such as research and teaching. All absences during the week must be cleared with the consultant well in advance.

The Fellow is expected to be available by telephone at all times. The Fellow will be responsible for first call on Friday afternoons during resident lectures and the evening before the Ophthalmology residents' exams. This responsibility is shared among all the Fellows at the Toronto Western Hospital. When either glaucoma consultant is on general ophthalmology hospital call the Fellow will be on first call to the residents.


At least 25% of the time will be spent in clinical and/or basic science research. Research projects will be suggested by the supervisors however, if the candidate has a specific interest this will be considered. Fellows must present their research at the Department of Ophthalmology Annual Research Day (usually in May). Fellows are encouraged to present their results at ARVO. In addition it is expected that a manuscript will be submitted for publication in a major Ophthalmology journal.


The Fellow will be expected to participate in resident and medical student teaching. This includes encouraging resident involvement in interesting cases in the office as well as sharing in the operating room if a resident shows specific interest in a surgical procedure. The Fellow is expected to participate in weekly glaucoma rounds and prepare lectures for these at the direction of the supervisors. Presentation of interesting cases at grand rounds when the guest speaker is from the subspecialty of glaucoma is also expected (on average twice in an academic year). The Fellow is expected to attend weekly Visiting Professors Rounds held on Fridays at 7:30 am. Attendance is taken at rounds and failure to attend a minimum of 70% of rounds may be grounds for not meeting the requirements of the Fellowship Certificate.


2 weeks’ vacation per year.


Up to 2 weeks of conference time may be taken on approval of the Supervisors.


An evaluation after 2 months of the Fellowship will be held to determine performance.
A mid-term and final evaluation will be held with the Fellow to evaluate his or her performance and to give feedback regarding his/her activities. Fellows are encouraged to provide feedback and express their comments on how their fellowship is progressing.


1 or 2 years, as negotiated.


$55,000.00 CDN/year.

Application Process

Interested applicants should forward a letter of intent, current Curriculum Vitae, a surgical log and at least 3 closed references to one of the supervisors as listed above. Fellowships run for a minimum of a full year from July 1st to June 30th. Generally, decisions are made approximately 9 months prior to the start date. A personal interview is usually required. Applications are due on August 31st of the year prior to beginning the fellowship in July however we encourage applicants submit as soon as their intention is known.