Archived Rounds

Grand Rounds


2022-04-01 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Vision Rehabilitation for Glaucoma: it Makes a Difference!

2022-03-25 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Orbital Metastasis AND Poor Wound Healing Following Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

2022-03-11 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Case-based review of viral retinitis and white dot syndromes

2022-03-04 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Walter Wright Symposium Review

2022-02-25 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Pathways of Fluid Leakage in Macular Disease

2022-02-18 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Paediatric ophthalmology:  The joy of wearing multiple hats!

2022-02-11 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Herpes Simplex Keratitis - Key Lessons for The Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

2022-02-04 UofT DOVS EDI Rounds / VPP - Indigenous Health Concepts

2022-01-28 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - COVID 19 vaccine-associated Neuro-Ophthalmic complications

2022-01-21 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - The Long view: Myopia and its treatments

2022-01-14 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Blood, Hair, Air and Sympathetic au contraire

2021-12-17 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Look beyond the obvious! 

2021-12-10 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - OCT for general ophthalmology: Select cases

2021-11-19 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - The highs and lows of glaucoma

2021-11-05 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - Addressing Inequities and Racism in Healthcare Through Authentic Allyship and Actions Dr. Indra Narang

2021-10-29 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds / VPP - An Update on Pachychoroid Spectrum Disease (PSD) Dr. Peng Yan

20211022 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - The Uveitis Masquerade Ball Dr. Panos Christakis

20211015 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Cornea External Diseases: Cases. Dr. Hall Chew

2021-10-08 Let there be light: A Discussion of Optic Nerve Anatomy, Physiology, and Novel Treatments Dr.  Imran Jivraj

2021-10-01 UofT DOVS Grand Grounds/VPP - COVID-19 and neuro-ophthalmology: what have we seen and what have we learned Dr. Edward Margolin

2021-09-24 UofT DOVS EDI/VPP Rounds - Can you handle the truth? Health, Racism, and Black Lives

2021-09-17 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Ophthalmology Workforce: Forecast for Ontario Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy



2021-06-11 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Five Medications that can blind your next ophthalmic patient Dr. Andrew Lee

2021-05-21 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - WWYD- What would you do.... in these thought-provoking clinical scenarios? An open, honest, safe and interactive panel discussion on issues involving medical professionalism in our everyday clinical practices  Dr. Marisa Sit

2021-05-14 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Cornea Cases, Managing a Variety of Corneal Pathologies Dr. Nima Noordeh

2021-05-13 TOS / UofT DOVS Rounds - UGH! Challenges of Managing Implant Related Chafing Syndrome Dr. Manjool Shah

2021-05-07 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Quality Improvement

2021-04-30 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Vision Loss Post Brain Injury : what can I do for my patient? Drs. Monica Daibert-Nido and Sam Markowitz

2021-04-23 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - The Honest Work of Pediatric Retina Dr. Peter Kertes

2021-04-16 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Current Approaches to the Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Retinal Dystrophies Dr. Elias Traboulsi

2021-04-09 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Handling those Friday Night Eyelid & Orbital Trauma Cases Dr. Harmeet Gill

2021-03-26 Interdisciplinary EDI Grand Rounds - Embracing our Duty of Care Obligation for Deeper Inclusion

2021-03-12 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/ VPP - Academic Partnerships in Global Ophthalmology Dr. Helen Dimaras

2021-03-05 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - The Multidisciplinary Management of the Advanced Ophthalmic Tumours Dr.  Hatem Krema

2021-02-26 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Vitrectomy Visualization - Old Horizons and New Frontiers Dr. David Wong

2021-02-19 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Treatment compliance makes all the difference  Dr. Kamiar Mireskandari

2021-02-12 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Some Fun Corneal Ulcers - Dr. Joshua Teichman

2021-02-05 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Keratoconus – what should I tell my patients? - Dr. Stephanie Watson

2021-01-29 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Quality Improvement By Drs. Hatch, Low and Micieli 

2021-01-22 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Mystery Retina & Posterior Uveitis Case Panel

2021-01-15 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - An MD’s role in an AI world

2020-12-18 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Resident Education: Past, Present & Future

2020-12-11 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - The Nerve of Some Kids

2020-11-27 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Mysteries in Posterior Uveitis

2020-11-20 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Three Blind Men: A diseases with many faces

2020-11-06 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - The Thief in the Night

2020-10-30 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension with a Twist

2020-10-23 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Posterior Uveitis

2020-10-16 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Investigating corneal endothelial cell migration in Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy: potential implications for Descemetorhexis without endothelial keratoplasty (DWEK)

2020-10-08 - UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Multimodal imaging in uveitis with a focus on OCT and OCT-A in quantitative disease detection and monitoring

2020-10-02 U of T DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Optic Neuritis

2020-09-25 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Button battery-induced chemical injury

2020-09-18 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - Resident Presentation: Unilateral Visual Disturbances - unusual cases on-call

2020-09-11 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP - The Debater:  What is a cataract?

2020-05-29 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Managing Professional Relationships with Industry: The Bottom Line /
Inequities in COVID-19: stories, statistics and strategies

2020-05-22 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Tips and Tricks in the Management of Pterygium

2020-05-15 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Opening up after Covid-19. What does that look like?

2020-05-08 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Moving Along the 3rd Route

2020-05-01 UofT DOVS / TOS Combined Grand Rounds

2020-04-24 UofT DOVS - A Paradigm Shift in Retinal Detachment Repair

2020-04-17 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Hydroxychloroquine-induced retinal toxicity: A case-based review

2020-04-10 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - COVID -19 Pandemic and Ophthalmology: The 11th Plague

2020-04-03 UofT DOVS Grand Rounds - Ophthalmology puzzles for a quarantine

Subspecialty Rounds

Cornea Rounds

2022-03-03 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Paediatric Refractive Surgery: Indications and Outcomes

2022-02-24 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - “Jack in the Box”- Mitigating posterior pressure in PK

2022-02-17 UofT Cornea Surgical Video Learning Series - Indications For Penetrating Keratoplasty in 2022

2022-02-10 UofT Cornea Rounds - Endothelial keratoplasty (EK) – to strip or not to strip?

2022-02-03 UofT Cornea Rounds - Toxic soup conjunctivitis - don’t miss this

2022-01-27 UofT Cornea Rounds - Keratoconus Detection and Management

2022-01-20 UofT Cornea Rounds - Refractive Surgery Cases: Pre-Op Evaluation

2022-01-13 UofT Cornea Rounds - History of Lamellar Refractive Surgery

2021-12-16 UofT Cornea Rounds - Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation (SLET), Can we push the limits?!

2021-12-09 UofT Cornea Rounds - Cornea Christmas Quiz

2021-12-11 UofT Cornea Learning Series - The management of challenging DMEK operations

2021-12-02 UofT Cornea Rounds - Epithelium is not always your friend

2021-11-25 UofT Cornea Rounds - Interstitial keratitis

2021-11-18 UofT Cornea Rounds - Cornea & External Disease: Cases You do not Want to Miss!

2021-11-11 UofT Cornea Rounds - Split Cornea Transplantation - Fighting tissue shortage

2021-11-04 UofT Cornea Rounds - Pterygium Surgery: Management of Primary, Recurrent and Double-Headed Pterygium

2021-10-29 UofT Cornea Rounds - Exploring the utility of Amniotic Membrane

2021-10-21 DOVS Cornea Rounds - Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation (SLET), is it here to stat? 

2021-10-14 UofT Cornea Rounds - Corneal Humps, Lumps and Bumps. How to navigate smoothly on a bumpy road…

2021-10-07 UofT Cornea Rounds - Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK)

2021-09-30 UofT Cornea Rounds - To crosslink or not to crosslink - Part 2

2021-09-23 UofT Cornea Learning Series - Pars Plana Vitrectomy for The Anterior Segment Surgeon

2021-09-09 UofT Cornea Rounds - Flanged IOL fixation, from Oh? to Pro

2021-09-02 UofT Cornea Rounds - Not Enough Conjunctiva – Now What?

2021-08-12 UofT Cornea Rounds - Ocular inflammation associated with COVID vaccines

2021-07-29 UofT Cornea Rounds - Goretex use in anterior segment reconstruction

2021-07-22 UofT Cornea Rounds - Mystery Cases

2021-07-08 UofT Cornea Rounds - Cornea Surgical Hacks

2021-06-24 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - To cross link or not to cross link

021-06-17 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Dehydrated amnion graft: Indications and pearls for success

2021-06-10 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - TLC Refractive Cases

2021-06-03 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Cyclosporine and Lifitegrast: Case-Based Lessons from Clinical Practice

2021-05-27 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Paediatric conjunctival and limbal lesions: diagnosis and management

2021-05-20 UofT DOVS Cornea Surgical Video Learning Series - Implanting & Securing Posterior Chamber IOLs without Capsular Support using the Canabrava 4-Flanged Technique

2021-05-13 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - New Horizon in K-PRO: The Corneat Vision K-pro Study AND OOKP & Tibial bone K-Pro : Our initial experience

2021-05-06 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - From atypical bacteria to atypical PKs

2021-04-29 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - The EndoArt, an artificial device for replacement of failed corneal endothelium

2021-04-22 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - The Sub400 CXL protocol: walking on thin ice AND Friend or foe: the role of mitomycin in CXL

2021-04-15 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Regenerative Medicine: Corneal Endothelial Substitutes

2021-04-08 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Mucous Membrane Grafting for Lid Margin Keratinization

2021-04-01 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - All Good Things Come to an End?

2021-03-26 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Tackling Post-keratoplasty Astigmatism
2021-03-18 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Teamwork makes the dream work...
2021-03-11 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Acute Management of Ocular Burns
2021-03-04 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Why are my eyes do red?
2021-02-25 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Dare to DMEK

2021-02-18 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Irregular Hyperopic Astigmatism. What do you do?

2021-02-11 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Descemet Stripping Only: Current State of the Art

2021-02-04 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Journal Club

2021-01-28 UofT Cornea Rounds - ISHF (Yamane from the basis to the complex)

2021-01-21 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Ocular Surface Disease: From Diagnosis to Management

2021-01-14 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Limbal Stem Cell Disease

2021-01-07 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Corneal dystrophies

2020-12-17 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - The Recurrent Iris Cyst and Post-Traumatic Anterior Segment Reconstruction

2020-12-10 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Bird’s Eye View: An Atypical Case of Microbial Keratitis and the Role of Metagenomic Deep Sequencing
2020-12-03 UofT DOVS - Cornea Video Night - Management of Challenging DMEK cases

2020-11-26 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Surgical management of corneal perforations
2020-11-19 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - IOL Selection in Abnormal Corneas
2020-11-12 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - 1. DSAEK isn’t dead: Complex cases of endothelial keratoplasty! 2. Surgical management of scleral defects
2020-11-05 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Cornea and External Disease Cases
2020-10-29 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Is That Iris Coming Through Cornea?
2020-10-22 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - “Help! What do I do with this keratoconus patient???”
2020-10-15 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - One DALK, two bubbles ANDA case of Phakic DMEK with previous LASIK
2020-10-08 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Allergic conjunctivitis in children
2020-10-01 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Anterior Corneal Dystrophies
2020-09-24 UofT DOVS - Cornea Surgical Video Night
2020-09-17 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - All about DMEK - Descemet's Membrand Endothelial Keratoplasty
2020-09-10 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Dealing with a DALK patient and aiming for 20/20
2020-08-27 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Cornea Neurotisation
2020-08-20 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Refractive Mystery Case
2020-08-13 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-08-06 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-07-30 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-07-23 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Pterygium Surgery Pearls
2020-07-16 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Not as superficial as you think, volume two
2020-07-09 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - All about ICL's
2020-07-02 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasias
2020-06-25 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Cornea Surgical Video Evening
2020-06-18 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Infectious Keratitis
2020-06-11 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Approach to the refractive patient Continue
2020-06-04 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Approach to the refractive patient
2020-05-28 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - DMEK: Conquering Basics and Challenging Encounters
2020-05-21 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Topography, practical applications and intro to tomography continued
2020-05-14 UofT DOVS - Cornea External Disease Rounds - Topography, practical applications and Intro to Tomography
2020-05-07 UofT DOVS - Cornea External Disease Rounds - University of Toronto Cornea Surgical Video Rounds

Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds

2020-09-20 UofT DOVS - Canadian Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds - Neuro-Ophthalmology Cases
2020-06-14 UofT DOVS - Canadian Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-05-31 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-05-17 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-04-19 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds

Paediatric Rounds

2021-06-08 UofT DOVS Paediatric Grand Rounds - Retinoblastoma genetics: transforming care in 2021

2021-03-02 U of T DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Update on retinal gene therapy

2020-06-03 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Noninfectious uveitis in children - a case-based review
2020-05-27 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Leukocoria and Early Diagnosis of Retinoblastoma
2020-05-20 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Open Globe Trauma Involving the Extraocular Muscles: Concepts for Exploration and Repair
2020-05-13 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - The functional benefits of adult strabismus surgery -- It is not cosmetic!

Retina Rounds

2021-10-26 UofT RETINA CONNECT Rounds - Complex VitreoRetinal challenges

2021-05-18 UofT DOVS RETINA CONNECT- Approach to Pediatric Retinal Detachment

2020-12-08 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Macular Hole Repair

2020-10-27 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - The Ambiguity of Pachychoroid
2020-06-30 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Imaging features of Placoid Disorders
2020-06-23 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Uveitis - The layering effect
2020-06-16 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - AI-based measurement of fluid in anti-VEGF treatment guidance
2020-06-09 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Buckle Up: Scleral buckling techniques, past to present
2020-06-02 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - History of Vitrectomy
2020-05-26 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - "So you stopped the anti-VEGF, what happens now?" Sequelae of unintended discontinuation of anti-VEGF in 2 AMD and DME studies
2020-05-19 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - The journey to the Airlie House Symposium on the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
2020-05-12 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Using OCT to improve the outcomes of macular surgery
2020-05-05 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology - Reinventing the eye exam
2020-04-28 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Engaging diabetic retinal detachments and preventing their development
2020-04-21 UofT DOVS - Residual Fluid Following Intravitreal Injections - What does it mean? What do we do?
2020-04-14 UofT DOVS - Managing Retina Patients During COVID19 Crisis 

Oncology Rounds

2022-02-28 UofT DOVS Oncology Rounds -  Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology
2022-01-31 UofT Oncology Rounds - Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology
2021-11-29 UofT Oncology Rounds - Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology
2021-10-25 UofT Oncology Rounds - Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology
2021-09-27 UofT Oncology Rounds - Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology
2021-07-26 UofT Oncology Rounds - Lesions and Images in Ophthalmic Oncology

Teaching Sessions


2020-10-30 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Viral and Bacterial Uveitis AND Other infectious uveitis & uveitis in immunocompromised populations

2020-10-23 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - White dot syndrome & Panuveitis AND Pediatric Uveitis
2020-10-16 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Anterior Uveitis, Episcleritis,& Scleritis AND Intermediate uveitis
2020-10-08 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Immunology for Ophthalmologists and Approach to Uveitis Diagnosis and Treatment
2020-10-02 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Headaches and Facial Pain, Functional Visual Loss AND NEURO BLOCK EXAM (UofT residents only)
2020-09-25 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Transient Visual Loss, Higher Cortical Hallucinations/Illusions AND Nystagmus - AAO5
2020-09-18 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Pupil Abnormalities AND Optic neuritis, AAO Manual 5
2020-09-11 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Supranuclear Disorders of Ocular Motility AND Inferonuclear Disorders of Ocular Motility


2020-08-21 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Uveitis Cases Not to Miss
2020-08-14 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - When to call neuro-ophthalmology. Cases for a new resident year
2020-08-07 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - IMT and Pregnancy/ interesting cases
2020-07-31 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Optics Review
2020-07-10 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - So you want to do a fellowship abroad? AND “Don’t miss” diagnoses in pediatric ophthalmology – Case-based review
2020-06-26 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Penetrating eye trauma. Getting the most from fellowship
2020-06-12 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - What I have learnt from ocular genetics rotation at Sickkids Hospital - Discussion of cases
2020-06-05 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Demystifying the Peripheral Retina
2020-05-29 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Glaucoma and Imaging.  Angle Closure and/or Topography & Cross-linking
2020-05-22 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Review of Neuro-Anatomy Through Clinical Cases
2020-05-15 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - An approach to vertical strabismus: It is not a black box! AND Differential diagnosis of abnormal head postures in children:  A simplified approach
2020-05-08 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Refractive surgery, update on IOL’s and FLACS
2020-05-01 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Peripheral retinal abnormalities and the concepts of laser therapy