Archived Rounds

Subspecialty Rounds

Cornea Rounds

2020-08-20 UofT DOVS Cornea Rounds - Refractive Mystery Case
2020-08-13 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-08-06 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-07-30 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Complications of refractive surgery
2020-07-23 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Pterygium Surgery Pearls
2020-07-16 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Not as superficial as you think, volume two
2020-07-09 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - All about ICL's
2020-07-02 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasias
2020-06-25 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Cornea Surgical Video Evening
2020-06-18 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Infectious Keratitis
2020-06-11 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Approach to the refractive patient Continue
2020-06-04 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Approach to the refractive patient
2020-05-28 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - DMEK: Conquering Basics and Challenging Encounters
2020-05-21 UofT DOVS - Cornea Rounds - Topography, practical applications and intro to tomography continued
2020-05-14 UofT DOVS - Cornea External Disease Rounds - Topography, practical applications and Intro to Tomography
2020-05-07 UofT DOVS - Cornea External Disease Rounds - University of Toronto Cornea Surgical Video Rounds

Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds

2020-06-14 UofT DOVS - Canadian Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-05-31 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-05-17 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds
2020-04-19 UofT DOVS - Canadian National Neuro-Ophthalmology Rounds

Paediatric Rounds

2020-06-03 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Noninfectious uveitis in children - a case-based review
2020-05-27 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Leukocoria and Early Diagnosis of Retinoblastoma
2020-05-20 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - Open Globe Trauma Involving the Extraocular Muscles: Concepts for Exploration and Repair
2020-05-13 UofT DOVS - Paediatric Rounds - The functional benefits of adult strabismus surgery -- It is not cosmetic!

Retina Rounds

2020-06-30 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Imaging features of Placoid Disorders
2020-06-23 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Uveitis - The layering effect
2020-06-16 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - AI-based measurement of fluid in anti-VEGF treatment guidance
2020-06-09 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Buckle Up: Scleral buckling techniques, past to present
2020-06-02 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - History of Vitrectomy
2020-05-26 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - "So you stopped the anti-VEGF, what happens now?" Sequelae of unintended discontinuation of anti-VEGF in 2 AMD and DME studies
2020-05-19 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - The journey to the Airlie House Symposium on the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
2020-05-12 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Using OCT to improve the outcomes of macular surgery
2020-05-05 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology - Reinventing the eye exam
2020-04-28 UofT DOVS - RETINA CONNECT - Engaging diabetic retinal detachments and preventing their development
2020-04-21 UofT DOVS - Residual Fluid Following Intravitreal Injections - What does it mean? What do we do?
2020-04-14 UofT DOVS - Managing Retina Patients During COVID19 Crisis 

Faculty Development Rounds

Teaching Sessions


2020-09-18 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Pupil Abnormalities AND Optic neuritis, AAO Manual 5
2020-09-11 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Supranuclear Disorders of Ocular Motility AND Inferonuclear Disorders of Ocular Motility


2020-08-21 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Uveitis Cases Not to Miss
2020-08-14 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - When to call neuro-ophthalmology. Cases for a new resident year
2020-08-07 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - IMT and Pregnancy/ interesting cases
2020-07-31 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Optics Review
2020-07-10 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - So you want to do a fellowship abroad? AND “Don’t miss” diagnoses in pediatric ophthalmology – Case-based review
2020-06-26 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Penetrating eye trauma. Getting the most from fellowship
2020-06-12 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - What I have learnt from ocular genetics rotation at Sickkids Hospital - Discussion of cases
2020-06-05 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Demystifying the Peripheral Retina
2020-05-29 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Glaucoma and Imaging.  Angle Closure and/or Topography & Cross-linking
2020-05-22 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Review of Neuro-Anatomy Through Clinical Cases
2020-05-15 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - An approach to vertical strabismus: It is not a black box! AND Differential diagnosis of abnormal head postures in children:  A simplified approach
2020-05-08 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Refractive surgery, update on IOL’s and FLACS
2020-05-01 UofT DOVS Resident Teaching - Peripheral retinal abnormalities and the concepts of laser therapy