The Glaucoma Service at the University of Toronto is the largest in the country. Our glaucoma faculty are ophthalmologists dedicated to the identification and highest quality medical and surgical care for patients with glaucoma.  State of the art facilities includes diagnostic imaging of the optic nerve, angle and visual field assessment, in addition to multiple specialized technologies. Some of our members are involved in research studies in order to bring the latest in glaucoma care to our patients as quickly as possible.

Glaucoma is a complex disease with many different types -  all need treatment.  Some may occur suddenly, while other forms are chronic. Whether pressure in the eye is high or low, the disease can damage the optic nerve irreversibly, and appropriate treatment is needed to prevent vision loss. Thorough and detailed examination of the eye for glaucoma and interpretation of the tests for individual patients is an important part of comprehensive care. While some patients can be controlled with eye medicines, others may need laser or more interventional surgery. Patients with glaucoma may lose sight slowly without knowing it and so an eye examination to pick up the disease is very important.  


Appointed January 2013 - Dr. Neeru Gupta, Service Chief, Glaucoma

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