Elective Opportunities

About Electives

Step 1:

Contact the hospital coordinators to determine the potential mentor. Coordinators' details provided below. 

Step 2:

Submit requests online

University of Toronto medical students can submit requests through MedSIS. MedSIS is an Internet based Registration service for Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Trainees enrolled or enrolling for training through the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine and its associated training hospitals.

Non University of Toronto medical students can submit requests through AFMC Student Portal.The AFMC Student Portal is a bilingual information hub and centralized application service for visiting electives for all Canadian faculties of medicine. Services are offered for Canadian and international undergraduate medical students.

Step 3:

Please send an e-mail to our Education Coordinator, Sandra Gauci, at educationdovs@utoronto.ca, to let us know the details of your elective application (dates and, if applicable, with whom you have requested an elective); furthermore, if you are denied an elective or encounter any difficulties, please also e-mail Sandra Gauci to let her know. This will allow us to address any roadblocks that you might experience while proceeding through the formal elective application process.

Thank you for your interest in our department. We look forward to having you visit us on elective. Good luck, and best wishes!

Education Co-ordinator

Sandra Gauci

Email: educationdovs@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-978-6294

Hospital sites Coordinators

University Health Network

Maria Alfaro

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Charlene Muller

St. Michael’s Hospital

Helen Son

Mount Sinai Hospital

Monica Lau

The Hospital for Sick Children

Nerizza Matignas

Mississauga Academy of Medicine

Yvonne McVeigh