The Department has a very broad base, enhanced by collaborations in other University of Toronto basic science and clinical departments, as well as by cross-appointed faculty from York, McMaster, Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo.

The major foci include:

BiomaterialsM. Shoichet

Corneal transplant; Tissue preservation: W. Dixon, D. Rootman, A. Slomovic

Epidemiology and BiostatisticsY. Jin

Glaucoma: Basic Mechanisms and TherapeuticsI. Ahmed, C Birt, Y. Buys, F. Feldman, J. Flanagan, N. Gupta, E. Héon, B. Khan, C. Kranemann,  G. Trope, D. Yan, Y. Yücel

Molecular Genetics of Eye Disease:  R. Bremner, B. Gallie, E Héon, P. Monnier

Neuro OphthalmologyE. Ing, E. Margolin, A. Wong

Normal and Abnormal Visual DevelopmentR. Buncic, M. Eizenman, SP. Kraft, T. Lewis, M. Steinbach, C. Westall, A. Wong

Ocular Complications in AIDSA. Berger, C. Schwartz

Ocular Drug Delivery SystemsD.S. Rootman, G. Trope

Ocular Motor Control MechanismsM. Eizenman, E. Irving,  M. Steinbach, A. Wong

Ocular PathologyD. Howarth, Y. Yücel

Ocular TumorsF. Altomare, S. Boyd, B. Gallie, M. Kazdan, H. McGowan, C. Pavlin, R. Simpson, H. TanzerOculoplastics: D. DeAngelis, J. Hurwitz, J. Oestreicher, R. Pashby, N. Tucker

Visual PsychophysicsR. Buncic, J. Flanagan, T. Lewis, D. Regan, M. Steinbach, G. Trope, J. Tsotsos, C. Westall, F. Wilkinson, A. Wong

RetinopathiesS. Boyd, M. Brent, R. Devenyi, M. Easterbrook, P. Harvey, C. Hudson,P. Kertes, W.C. Lam, M. Mandelcorn, D. Wong

Refractive Structures (Cornea and Lens) RefractionI. Ahmed, B. Lubek, S. Markowitz, J. Parker, R. Stein

Ultrasound Biomicroscopy and ImagingC. Pavlin