Mar 8, 2024  |  7:30am - 8:30am
Grand Rounds / VPP

Grand Rounds/VPP - Regenerative Approaches to Oculoplastic Surgery

DOVS Grand Rounds/VPP

Title:            Regenerative Approaches to Oculoplastic Surgery
Speaker:     Dr. Albert Wu

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1. Current Applications of Stem Cells in Oculoplastic Surgery:
•Present current research and clinical trials involving stem cells in the treatment of oculoplastic conditions (e.g., orbital fractures, eyelid defects, tear duct injuries).
•Review case studies or clinical outcomes where stem cells have been used in reconstructive eye surgeries.

2. Challenges and Limitations:
•Discuss the challenges in stem cell therapy, including cell sourcing, differentiation, integration into host tissues, and potential for immune rejection.
•Address the limitations of current regenerative medicine techniques in oculoplastic surgery.

3. Innovative Techniques and Future Directions:
•Highlight innovative techniques in regenerative medicine that could impact oculoplastic surgery, such as 3D bioprinting of tissue for reconstructive surgery and organoids.
•Speculate on future directions of stem cell application in oculoplastic surgery, including gene editing techniques and personalized medicine approaches.