Vice-Chair Global Vision Health

Dr. Jeffrey Hurwitz

Appointed January 2013

The Vice-Chair Global Health at the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences (DOVS) oversees the sharing of innovations and expertise globally through strategic partnering to advance global vision health and build international relationships.  The department intends to engage in and nurture additional effective and sustainable partnerships with other universities and targeted developing countries.

Part of the mandate is to track and formalize existing initiatives, such as current involvement in the Caribbean, with three programs (Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad) that are part of the University of the West Indies. Work is ongoing there to develop a collaborative program which will be affiliated with DOVS and have interaction at all levels – clinical, research and education (medical students, residents, potentially fellows, and consultants). As well, work is ongoing strengthening relationships in Sudan.


For details on Dr. Hurwitz's background, please refer to his Faculty Members page.